A video showing artists Idan Bitton and Alfredo Calle Ferran kissing for 84-minutes has gone viral.

The video, uploaded to YouTube last month, has received nearly 250,000 views.

In First Kiss, the curly haired men are seen seated across from each other in front of a white wall as they hold and kiss each other for 84 minutes without interruption.

The video's description reads: “While the camera is still, the kiss is in motion provoking the viewer to stay and watch. Idan and Alfredo do not interact with the viewer, but offer a peek into their intimate moments of commitment. This long lasting, present and unapologetic kiss defines our current gay rights momentum. We are here, we love each other, and this is what it looks like.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Despite the fact that the men appear fully clothed in the video, it was flagged by users as “inappropriate” on YouTube. Later, YouTube backtracked and removed the age restriction.

Speaking Thursday on The Bo Show, Bitton, who is based in New York City, said that the controversy added an additional layer to his documentary.

“I wasn't really surprised that it happened. And it brought a lot of questions regarding that piece that makes it more meaningful, I think. The idea of censorship became almost the subject of the piece. That was a question that brought up in the public. So I found that interesting and I think that it's [an] important thing,” Bitton said.

Bitton confirmed that it was the first time the pair had kissed and that it was “wonderful.”