Embattled San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan appeared at an hour-long press conference on Tuesday to discuss anti-gay statements she made during a secretly recorded meeting.

In the recording, released last week by a former aide, Chan and her staff are heard discussing how Chan can oppose a proposed gay-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance without appearing to “beat up anybody.”

She's heard calling gays “disgusting” and saying that gay people should be banned from adoption.

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“Political correctness will not win this day; standing firm as an individual in service to the whole community does,” Chan told reporters on Tuesday. “I stand strong in my First Amendment right to freedom of speech and our right to privacy.”

“I know that many people find the comments made in the meeting offensive, but again, it was a confidential meeting set in the privacy of my office where none of us are supposed to worry about what we say. These meetings have been and always will be a free-speech zone.”

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the meeting was packed with supporters who had been invited to attend. They applauded Chan as she entered the room. One woman thanked her for speaking the “truth,” saying that “it is disgusting because it translates into abomination.”

Chan refused to answer whether she thinks gays are “disgusting.”