A majority of Taiwanese support the legalization of gay marriage.

According to Taiwan News, a poll paid for by the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCPR) found that 53 percent of the public supports marriage equality, while 37 percent remain opposed. Support has more than doubled in the past decade, the group said.

The results were presented at a news conference. TAPCPR Secretary-General Chien Chih-chieh also announced that the group would sponsor a wedding banquet in front of the Presidential Office Building on September 7 to raise awareness for marriage equality. The organization said it hopes to host 1,000 people at the symbolic wedding banquet to be held on Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei.

Other survey findings included wide support for gay nuptials (78%) among people in their twenties.

Opposition was greatest among Catholics and Protestants – which account for only 6 percent of Taiwan's population – with average support among those groups at 25 percent.