A Rhode Island Catholic priest has vowed to campaign against lawmakers who voted for a gay marriage law.

“I'm praying for each of you, that you turn back to God,” Father Brian Sistare, a recently installed priest at Sacret Heart in Woonsocket, reportedly wrote in an email to the 26 Rhode Island state senators who voted for the marriage bill. “I'm also going to let my parish know exactly how you voted, so come re-election time, you will not be re-elected.”

Sistare has previously messaged on Twitter his opposition to politicians who support gay nuptials, including Governor Lincoln Chafee.

“Do RI a favor & go take a job w/Abomination adm. in DC. Will have to answer to God w/your support of abortion and sodomy!” he tweeted in January. (Sistare has since deleted his Twitter account.)

He also reportedly told a gay couple together 34 years and married 6 that they would not receive communion until they divorced.

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In his letter, Sistare also accused the lawmakers of taking the place of God.

“I'm still shocked that each of you took it upon yourself to take the place of God and redefine what He has established. Marriage has always been understood as the union between one man and one woman. This is a 5,000 year old fact!”

And he suggested that marriage equality would lead to polygamy and bestiality.

“I'm wondering what you will do when a mother comes to you and asks to be married to her son, or a cousin wants to marry her first cousin, or when a man wants to marry 2 or 3 women, or a human being wants to marry his animal? What will you do, now that you have decided that marriage is no longer a sacred union between one man and one woman?”