In response to 2 proposed gay rights bills, one of Puerto Rico's largest Christian organizations says it will push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Puerto Rico Pro Family on Wednesday protested two bills that would allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt children and would promote gender equality in the public school's curriculum.

The group said that it would seek constitutional amendments that define marriage as solely between a man and a woman and prohibit schools from educating their children on gender matters.

“There are certain issues that are non-negotiable,” the group's spokesperson, Dr. Cesar Vazquez Muniz, told the AP. “The problem is that they are trying to change the values of this country.”

In a 5-4 decision handed down in February, the island's Supreme Court upheld a law banning adoptions by gay couples, saying that it was up to lawmakers to change the law.

Senator Maria Gonzalez Lopez filed the bills in response to the court's ruling.

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