John Berry, whose nomination as U.S. ambassador to Australia was recently approved by the Senate, married Curtis Yee on Saturday in Washington D.C.

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The wedding was confirmed in a press release.

“John Berry and Curtis Yee, partners of 17 years, were formally married on Saturday August 10, at St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Washington DC. Music was provided by Dr. Theodore Guerrant and soloist, Christian Hoff. The wedding was attended by family and close friends, including the Secretary of the Department of Interior, who then celebrated after the service at the home of Mr Yee and Mr Berry.”

Yee, a former lawyer, will join Berry in Australia.

Gay marriage supporters in Australia lamented that the couple's wedding would not be recognized by the Australian government.

“It's a happy time when any couple marries and I congratulate John Berry and Curtis Yee on their special day and wish them well for their married life together,” said Australian Marriage Equality national convener Rodney Croome. “Sadly, they join hundreds of other same-sex couple whose overseas same-sex marriages aren't recognized under Australian law.”

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