Iowa Representative Steve King, a Republican, has claimed that the Obama campaign tracked voters and sought out gay votes.

Appearing at a GOP dinner which also featured Rick Santorum in Lyon, Iowa, King, a vociferous opponent of gay rights, veered off topic while discussing NSA surveillance programs.

“I want to tell you the things I'm frustrated about, too,” King told the crowd. “And that is NSA, the topic's come up tonight. This idea that we have moved in to somehow a surveillance state where the federal government can track every phone call, the source, the destination, the date, the time and the duration of that phone. Not listen in but track 'em all. They can track your Internet activity. They can track your credit card number.”

“Oh, by the way, the Obama campaign bragged that they had this sophisticated computer program that profiled voters. … If you had go to the Internet and certain places, they said to me in private [inaudible] conversations, they could track it. If you went the NRA website for three times, now you are a Second Amendment person – let's suppress that person's vote. But if somebody goes to a gay website, let's go out and do the voter turnout with them.”

“They were proud of that,” he added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)