Christian conservative Bryan Fischer is urging states to keep their sodomy laws on the books, even if they cannot be enforced.

“As they say, the law is a teacher, and it's wise to keep an anti-sodomy law on the books, even if unenforceable due to judicial tyranny, to express the state's official disapproval of that kind of conduct,” Fischer wrote in an American Family Association (AFA) column. “The fact that it is against the law provides an additional reason not to give it special legal protections in discrimination law. It's schizophrenic to give special legal protections to behavior in one part of your code that is illegal according to another.”

“As Antonin Scalia correctly pointed out in his dissent on Lawrence v. Texas, sodomy was always contrary to public policy everywhere in the United States, going back to the very beginning. It was a felony offense in every state of the union until 1962, and still a felony offense in the other 49 states until 1972, when the sexual revolution started causing the moral pillars to crumble. Sodomy is immoral, unnatural and unhealthy and should remain contrary to public policy.”

“From a public health standpoint alone, societies should resist the normalization of sodomy. Whether you think the human body was designed by evolution or by the Creator, the body was clearly not designed for the uses to which homosexuals put it. The elevated risk of HIV/AIDS is reason enough all by itself to reject the normalization and legalization of homosexual conduct.”

In a related story, police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as recently as last month were enforcing the state's invalid sodomy law which remains on the books.

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