Matthew Moore says he was given a diagnosis of “homosexual behavior” by a doctor during an initial visit for a check-up.

According to NBC4, results of Moore's physical by a Manhattan Beach, California doctor included the diagnosis of “Homosexual behavior (302.0)” and was listed as a chronic condition on his patient plan.

“When I look up code 302.0 and it's sexual deviancy or mental illness, and that code has been removed or suggested heavily not to be used since 1973,” Moore told NBC News.

“My jaw was on the floor. At first, I kind of laughed, I thought, 'Here's another way that gay people are lessened and made to feel less-than,' and then as I thought about it and as I dealt with it, it angered me.”

When Moore confronted the doctor during a subsequent visit, she reportedly defended her diagnosis, saying that being gay is “still being thought of a disease.”

Moore wrote a letter to the Torrance Memorial Physician Network asking for a refund of his $30 copay, which he received, along with an apology.

“We would like to unequivocally state that the Torrance Memorial Physician Network does not view homosexuality as a disease or a chronic condition and we do not endorse or approve of the use of Code 302,0 as a diagnosis for homosexuality,” Heidi Assigal, senior director of Torrance Health Association, Inc, wrote in response.