A male gay couple in Yucatan, Mexico made history on Thursday as the first in the state to legally marry.

Javier Alberto Carrillo Esquivel, 34, and Ricardo Arturo Gongora, 26, wore matching white guayabera shirts as they exchanged vows before 400 guests. The ceremony, which began shortly after 9 PM, was held at the disco Blue Namu in Merida and was officiated by Judge Manuel Sosa, according to Yucatan Al Minuto.

Last month, a Yucatan federal court ordered officials to recognize and register the couple's marriage.

Carrillo and Gongora, together 4 years, attempted to marry in March but were told by a top official that they could not due to the state's 2009 law defining marriage as a heterosexual union.

Last year, the nation's highest court struck down a similar law in the state of Oaxaca. However, unlike the United States, the court does not have the authority to simultaneously strike down laws throughout the nation.