Social conservative Phyllis Schlafly has said that she was “personally offended” by the “nasty” names used to describe gay marriage foes in the Supreme Court's ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

The 88-year-old Schlafly, founder of the socially conservative Eagle Forum, discussed the ruling with Steve Deace on his radio show.

“You wrote an interesting reaction to the US Supreme Court, I guess we would call it 'opinion,' but it really looked to me, Phyllis, like five justices, and Anthony Kennedy in particular, chose to write what amounts to an anti-Christian polemic disguised as a legal opinion,” Deace said. “And it seems like you sort of got the same vibe from what they wrote.”

“Well, I was extremely offended at all the nasty names he called us. I just think it's so inappropriate, unprecedented and really nasty for the justice to say that the reason DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, was passed, and those who stand up for traditional marriage is that they have animus against gays, they want to deny them equal dignity, that we want to brand them as unworthy, we want to humiliate their children, we have a hateful desire to harm a politically unpopular group. I just think, I feel personally insulted by what Justice Kennedy said. I don't think that's true, the idea that anybody who stood up for traditional marriage is guilty of all that hate in his heart is just outrageous.”