Rod Snyder, the outgoing president of the the Young Democrats of America (YDA), has come out gay.

In a YDA blog post titled Some Unfinished Business, Snyder wrote that he's “a Christian, an American, a West Virginian, a Young Democrat, a rural advocate, a singer-songwriter, a brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, an uncle and a gay man.”

Snyder, 33, said that growing up in a Christian family made it difficult for him to accept his sexual orientation.

“Growing up in a conservative Christian family in rural West Virginia, my own journey to a place of self acceptance has been a long and difficult one. Over the past two years, now in my early thirties, I've finally found the courage to look in the mirror and insist upon honesty and authenticity, overcoming so many negative messages I had internalized as a child and young adult. I've reached a place where I believe my story can help increase understanding, provide encouragement and be a catalyst for change.”

And he hinted that his next role could be that of an activist.

“While society is evolving at a breathtaking place, there are still many places like my home state of West Virginia where I could be fired from a job or evicted from an apartment simply because of the person I love. I can't sit by quietly and leave this fight for equality to others. This is my fight.”

Snyder served as president of the Young Democrats of America for three years.