Stephen Lovegrove, a junior at Charleston Southern University in South Carolina, has lost his work-study position as a resident advisor (RA) after openly discussing that he's gay.

Lovegrove told NBC affiliate WCBD that he lost his post over Internet posts in which he openly discussed being a gay Christian.

“This is the situation they brought up – any parent who has a student coming to CSU can Google my name or just come across it and they can call the school and say I'm not comfortable with my child being in the same suite with a gay individual,” Lovegrove said. “I am not comfortable with my child having a gay R. A. I am not comfortable with this person being in a ministry role. And so they basically said the issue is, it's on the World Wide Web and now there are parents and administrators and donors.”

Dr. Rick Brewer, dean of student affairs at Charleston Southern University, refused to discuss why Lovegrove was removed from his post, citing only personnel issues.

Lovegrove said he had decided not return in the fall.

“All and all it's thousands of dollars that were helping me go to school that I am not receiving anymore. And so between that and the fact that I have been removed from everything that was my heart and soul and my passion being at CSU, I have just decided that it doesn't make sense and it's not a healthy environment for me to go back to in the fall.”