A gay couple suing to have their out-of-state marriage recognized by the state of Ohio received an outpouring of support over the weekend.

The couple, James Obergefell and John Arthur of Cincinnati, married aboard a medical transport plane parked on the tarmac of a Baltimore airport. Arthur is dying from Lou Gehrig's Disease and would like to be buried in a family plot next to his husband. A federal judge has ordered Ohio officials to recognize their valid Maryland marriage. A temporary injunction allows Arthur to be listed as married on his death certificate, with Obergefell listed as his surviving spouse.

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Over the weekend, the group Support Marriage Equality Ohio presented the couple with 200 congratulatory cards, a scrap book of memories and a 95-pound gift basked filled with products from dozens of gay-friendly companies.

On Saturday, supporters held a candlelight vigil in downtown Cincinnati in honor of Obergefell and Arthur.

“It's beyond words,” Obergefell said. “We've been touched by people from across the world. … This is just unbelievable.”

In a Facebook post, he added: “The love and support you've shown us is incredible, and we can never adequately express how much it means to us. It's amazing to have thousands upon thousands of people in our corner, cheering us on!”

“We're trying to show them how much we care about what [Arthur] spent a part of the rest of his life doing for us,” organizer Adam Hoover, 19, told Cincinnati.com. “What they did can lead to equal marriage for everyone.”

Ohio officials have vowed to defend the state's marriage laws and 2004 constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples.