Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Friday proclaimed that Russia's recently approved anti-gay laws should be celebrated by gay rights activists in the name of diversity.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks has signed laws that prohibit gay and lesbian couples from adopting Russian-born children and the public promotion of gay rights. The nation's “gay propaganda” law prohibits the positive portrayal of gay men and lesbians in a venue where children might be present, effectively outlawing everything from Gay Pride marches to the simple act of wearing a rainbow pride pin in public.

The laws have been met with worldwide outrage and calls to boycott next year's Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi.

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“All these people in our culture that believed in, if they really believed in multiculturalism – they believed in celebrating diversity, they were all about celebrating the wonder of diverse cultures all over the world – they would be excited about this. They would say, 'Hey this is great! We've got plenty of room in our multicultural world for all sorts of different cultural values and trends. Isn't this wonderful what Russia is doing? Let's celebrate diversity and let's support this tradition in the nation of Russia.,'” Fischer mockingly stated.

“Somehow, don't think that's going to happen,” Fischer added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)