Pointing to the love Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro had for his victims, Christian conservative Sandy Rios on Friday said that love is not a good enough reason to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

The American Family Association (AFA) radio talk show host made her comments in the course of interviewing Chicago pastor Erwin Lutzer, an opponent of gay marriage.

Lutzer suggested that legalizing gay nuptials would lead to an increase in crime.

“We have such crime here in Chicago. Young people being slaughtered every night. We wake up in the morning and there's been another murder, another teenager has been killed,” Lutzer said, supposedly quoting African-American opponents of marriage equality. “And they said in the midst of a society that is so desperate and so high-crime ridden, do we really now need laid upon this the destruction of the family and the destruction of marriage?”

Lutzer and Rios agreed that allowing gay couples to marry because they love each other is wrong. Lutzer claimed that even pedophiles believe that they “love” the children they abuse. Rios agreed, adding that Ariel Castro said that he loved his victims, three women he kidnapped off the streets of Cleveland, Ohio and kept in his boarded-up house for a decade.