A Nevada school board's proposed sex education curriculum would teach students that homosexuality is not an “acceptable lifestyle.”

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Lyon County's local school board has proposed an abstinence-based sex education curriculum that aims to strengthen “traditional values.” A first draft of the board's revised curriculum also includes the controversial concept of “second virginity,” the notion that “it's never too late to practice abstinence.”

It also teaches that “homosexuality shall not be presented as an acceptable lifestyle” and warns students that “sexual predators start with pornography.”

A proposed change to the school board's policy instructs teachers “to provide information of a factual nature” when a student initiates a discussion on homosexuality. The board's proposed policy – which is part of a “support of traditional values” amendment – was criticized as “contradictory” to the proposed curriculum by Wayne Workman, the district's deputy superintendent and a member of the sex education advisory committee, though he did not say which change he supports.

Several Nevada school boards are revisiting their sex education curricula in the wake of a failed bill that sought to create statewide standards on the subject.