Actress Sherri Saum says response to lesbian drama The Fosters has been “overwhelmingly positive.”

In the ABC Family show, Saum (Rescue Me) and Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) play a married couple who are coping with raising three children when a wayward teenage girl – a foster child – is added to the family.

Appearing on New York City CBS affiliate talk morning show The Couch, Saum was asked what response the show had received.

“It's just been overwhelmingly positive. Before we even shot a frame of film there had been some controversy with these certain groups that came out, but other than that it's been just positive,” Saum said, a reference to the Christian group One Million Moms.

(Related: One Million Moms calls lesbian drama The Fosters an attack on “faith, values.”)

“People are very pleasantly surprised at ABC Family tackled this in such a realistic way. It's been amazing.”

Saum added that people asked her how she prepared to play gay.

“I just grounded everything in love and I'm not gay but I know what love is. And I love Teri Polo. She's so crazy awesome,” Saum said.