The church asked by a local New York City restaurant to find a new venue had previously promoted the work of Dr. Denny Burk, an associate professor of biblical studies at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky.

Hill Country Barbecue Market, which is located in New York City's lower west side, decided against continuing a relationship with The Gallery Church after it had received numerous complaints.

“Our intention was to provide the Church with a place to congregate, which we thought we could do without implying a religious affiliation between our two organizations,” Marc Glosserman, owner of Hill Country Restaurant, told The Blaze in an email. “Over the following weeks, based on unanticipated community response, it became clear to us that this would not be possible.”

The church turned to the restaurant to help accommodate its growing congregation.

In a blog post, pastor Freddy Wyatt wrote that the BBQ restaurant decided against renewing its month-to-month rental contract with the church due to “preaching a sermon about same sex attraction.”

Appearing on Fox News, Wyatt told Todd Starnes: “This particular sermon series struck a nerve in the neighborhood. There was an enormous amount of backlash. We don't know specifically what that was. The restaurant said if it had only been a couple of phone calls it would have been one thing – but it was more than that.”

In a series of tweets, Starnes blasted Hill Country Barbecue Market.

“Does Hill Country BBQ have a problem with Christians?” he messaged.

On April 14, The Gallery Church hosted Dr. Denny Burk, the author of the upcoming book What is the Meaning of Sex? In his sermon, titled Confusion, Clarity, Sexuality (Rewind): Marriage, Burk called gay nuptials the devil's handiwork.

“Marriage is not a personal lifestyle choice that you can just enter into or maybe not,” Burk said. “Marriage is about the glory of God. … Why is marriage under assault? Why are we constantly arguing about this in culture? If you were the devil, what would you do? If God had made an institution that was meant to be a living parable of the gospel to the world, what would you try to do to that parable? Wouldn't you try to tear it apart in any way that you could? Wouldn't you make a divorce culture rife in the culture? … Wouldn't you try to have marriage redefined? And just torn apart. That has nothing resembling what the Bible says it is to be. If you were the devil what would you do? I think we know what's going on.”

In a July 19 post, Burk argued that marriage equality had led us “half-way down” the slippery slope “to incest and polygamy.”