Actor Benedict Cumberbatch officiated over the wedding of a gay friend on Saturday.

Cumberbatch, who last week received an Emmy nomination for the BBC/HBO five-part mini-series Parade's End, officiated the Ibiza, Spain wedding of his friends Seth Cummings and Rob Ridner.

The 37-year-old Cumberbatch (Star Trek Into Darkness) previously discussed his new role as officiant but the disclosure that the couple is gay was made in a Facebook post from one of the guests.

“It's a very private, lovely thing to be asked to do," Cumberbatch told “Of course, I'm going to make a joke after it, 'I do weddings. Next will be children's parties and bat mitzvahs,' if it goes well. It's a mainly Jewish and gay audience, so hopefully they will be lenient towards me.”

The guest also posted photos of the wedding ceremony, which was held on the grounds of the Hacienda Hotel Ibiza atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.