More than 1,000 demonstrators protesting a proposal in Haiti to legalize gay marriage threatened to burn down parliament if its members make such unions legal in the Caribbean nation.

The protest, which took place Friday in the streets of Port-Au-Prince, was organized by several religious groups, from Protestant to Muslim. The demonstrators held up anti-gay signs – one read “Smooth Blade Condemns All Gay” – and chanted songs, including one in which they threatened to burn down parliament if the law is approved.

A Haitian gay rights group recently announced plans to submit a marriage equality bill before parliament.

“I believe in God, and God condemns homosexuality,” protester Eddy Jean-Pierre told the AP. “Haiti is not going to accept this, and God will punish us further if we allow this law to pass.”

The Haitian Coalition of Religious and Moral Organizations was among the groups behind the protest. Its leaders said three weeks ago that they opposed passage of marriage equality laws in other countries.