The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg on Monday chided Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli for defending the state's sodomy law.

Cuccinelli, a 44-year-old Republican, is the state's current attorney general. Despite a 2003 Supreme Court ruling declaring sodomy laws unconstitutional, his office argues that its law has protected children from sexual predators. At the website, Cuccinelli highlights 90 people identified as “sexual predators” who “would come off Virginia's sex offender registry if a Virginia law … is not upheld.”

“Whatever happened to the slogan, 'Virginia is for lovers?'” co-host Barbara Walters rhetorically asked while discussing the issue on Monday's show.

“Michael Douglas better stay out of Virginia,” Joy Behar quipped.

“What he [Cuccinelli] does is automatically equate oral sex with homosexuality,” Walters said.

“Well then I'm as gay as a gay [inaudible],” Sherri Shepherd responded. “I'm just saying.”

“Why are you [Cuccinelli] in my bedroom,” a heated Goldberg said. “Get out. Get out. What he is saying and what he is doing are two different things. And I don't remember God saying anything about you being in my bedroom telling me what to do. So, sir you're not gonna become the governor if you stay on this track.” (The video is embedded on this is page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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