The Topeka-Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church has announced that it will protest the start of a gay marriage law in Minnesota.

Minnesota's marriage law takes effect on August 1.

Westboro said in a statement that it was planning protests outside government offices in Rochester and St. Paul. The group will also picket the Minnesota Legislature.

“We are going to remind the Minnesota Legislature and any so-called Christians in that state that when you started messing around with the definition of marriage back in the 1960s to include divorce + remarriage, you started messing with God. He gave you a good land, where you could follow Him faithfully and you shunned His commandments. Starting down that path of changing the definition of marriage to include divorce + remarriage led directly to this abomination of fag marriage becoming law in this nation,” the group wrote.

Lawmakers in Minnesota approved the marriage law this year after voters last November rejected a proposal to ban such unions in the Minnesota Constitution.

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