Singer-songwriter Steve Grand says his single All American Boy is based on personal experience.

The gay-themed country music track became an instant YouTube hit when it was released on July 2, topping out at 1 million views just 8 days later.

All-American Boy tells a well-worn story of unrequited love, except the pairing in this video are two men. Grand's character falls hard for another young man. Despite sharing a kiss in a lake, the other man says he's just looking for friendship. (Watch the video in our video library.)

In an interview with, Grand said that he has personally felt the heartbreak of falling for someone unattainable.

“We've all fallen for someone that we can't have, but it especially rings true in the specific story for LGBT people. It is the story of my life since I was 13,” Grand said. “I was always crushing on the straight guy. I think it's always been there because I grew up in a place where gay people weren't visible. I was always crushing on my best friends. I think that's the case, probably, for a lot of us. The song isn't about anyone specific. It's the accumulation of experiences. … I think all that was influenced by everything I've been through, growing up and having this happen to me over and over again.”