Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli says he remains opposed to the “personal challenge of homosexuality.”

Cuccinelli reiterated his opposition during a televised debate Saturday against his Democratic challenger, Terry McAuliffe.

“In connection with gay rights, you said several years ago that you believe that same-sex acts are against nature and are harmful to society. Do you still believe that?” PBS' Judy Woodruff asked Cuccinelli.

“My personal beliefs about the personal challenge of homosexuality haven't changed,” Cuccinelli answered.

As Virginia's current attorney general, Cuccinelli, 44, continues to defend the state's sodomy law, despite a 2003 Supreme Court ruling declaring such laws unconstitutional. His office argues that its law protects children from sexual predators. At the website, Cuccinelli highlights 90 people identified as “sexual predators” who “would come off Virginia's sex offender registry if a Virginia law … is not upheld.”

Cuccinelli's running mate, Bishop E.W. Jackson, recently claimed that the media has taken his anti-gay comments out of context, saying that he only condemns the actions of the “gay rights movement, so-called homosexual activists.”

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