Rev. Ken Hutcherson claims that software giant Microsoft's support for gay rights has cost the company tens of millions, possibly billions, of dollars.

Hutcherson, who leads Antioch Bible Church in Microsoft's hometown of Redmond, Washington, in 2008 began asking followers to donate Microsoft shares to his organization AGN Financial Network in an effort to influence the company's corporate policies.

“I had Christians buying stock in Microsoft and they gave me one share and they kept the rest of their shares and gave me their proxy to go to the meetings here in Seattle and say that as stockholders we do not like the way you're going down in our country, in our state, trying to change the laws and to push the homosexuality as a minority group,” Hutchreson explained during a Tea Party Unity conference call. “I said if you guys don't back off I'm gonna sell my stock and I'm gonna have everyone that bought sell stock; they laughed, they pooh-poohed me and they thought I was nuts so I said, alright just wait and see.”

Hutcherson said that “there was a selloff of stock on March 15, [2011], $30 million in one day Microsoft lost and they have not recovered yet. Someone told me the difference was $30 billion and I never can confirm that because they won't allow that to come out.”

Hutcherson started the campaign in 2008, when Microsoft shares were trading at over $100. On March 11, 2011, the stock was valued at $25.68, seven days later at $24.80. Today, the stock is valued at $32.43.

Last year, Microsoft strongly endorsed passage of Washington's gay marriage law.