Roman Catholic leaders in the Dominican Republic are organizing a “Black Monday” demonstration to protest the nomination of an openly gay ambassador.

James “Wally” Brewster, a senior managing partner for SB&K Global in Chicago and a national LGBT co-chair for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was named in June by President Barack Obama to serve as ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Participants of Monday's “Lunes Negro” protest are asked to dress in all black, wear a black armband or display a black banner or ribbon on their car to express their opposition to Brewster's nomination, according to The Cable, a blog of Foreign Policy.

Several church leaders have publicly expressed their outrage.

During a press conference earlier this month, Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez referred to Brewster as a “maricon,” which translates in English to “faggot.”

Monsignor Pablo Cedano pledged that Brewster's time in the Dominican Republic would be so unpleasant that he will have to return home.

“I hope he does not arrive in the country because I know if he comes he is going to suffer and will have to leave,” Cedano told reporters.