An upcoming storyline involving a lesbian couple has left the Disney Channel unsafe for children, social conservative Janet Porter has warned.

The Disney Channel will introduce its first characters next year during an episode of Good Luck Charlie. In the episode, to be be broadcast during the sitcom's final season early next year, preschooler Charlie (Mia Talerico) has a new friend with two moms. The family comes over to the Duncans' home during a playdate arranged by Amy and Bob Duncan (Leigh-Allyn Baker and Eric Allan Kramer).

While the characters are only expected to appear in this one episode and the storyline is secondary to the plot, Porter told her radio audience that “there isn't much on the Disney Channel safe for children to view.”

“Now, you can't trust the Disney Channel,” Porter said. “One of their more popular programs, Good Luck Charlie, will in a few months be introducing a family with two lesbian mothers. Caving in to pressure to include homosexual characters in their programs, they plan to do this in the last episode of what is scheduled to be the final season of the show. Disney Channel Vice President Gary Marsh needs to hear from us. His email address is gary.marsh @ Politely let Mr. Marsh know your objections to the bad plans for the Good Luck Charlie program at gary.marsh @ In fact, there isn't much on the Disney Channel safe for children to view. More reason to steer your kids elsewhere!”