Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), argued Wednesday that opponents of gay marriage are winning.

In a blog post published on the same day that Queen Elizabeth II signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Britain and Wales, Brown pointed to 5 recent wins to make his point.

“Our opponents and those in the biased media say, 'It's inevitable. You can't win. Give up ...'”

“I couldn't disagree more!”

“In 2008, I heard the same things when we worked on Prop 8 in California … and we WON! In 2009, I heard the same things when we worked on Question 1 in Maine … and we WON! In 2010, I heard the same things when we worked in Iowa to oust state Supreme Court justices … and we WON! In 2011, I heard the same things when we worked in New York to oust legislators who flipped on marriage and betrayed their constituents … and we WON! And last year, I heard the same things when we worked in North Carolina to pass an amendment to the state constitution protecting marriage … and we WON!”

“Let's not forget one crucial thing about the Supreme Court's opinions: they did NOT constitutionalize gay 'marriage.' They specifically said that it's the states that get to define marriage. That's good news for us, because 38 states say that marriage is between one man and one woman. And as more and more states see challenges to their marriage laws, I intend, as I always do, to give it my all!”

However, many of Browns' so-called wins have since been erased. For example, voters in Maine reversed course last year and approved marriage equality. And Proposition 8 has been relegated to the ash heap of history.

Additionally, as lawyer David Boies recently explained, had the Supreme Court intended to send the message that states get to define marriage, then the court would have found a way to uphold Proposition 8. That is, given that California was not allowed to keep its unconstitutional marriage ban, why would any other state?