The Coalition for Marriage, the UK's largest opponent of gay marriage, on Wednesday announced that it will continue its work despite passage of a marriage bill.

Shortly after clearing the British parliament, Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal seal of approval to a bill that will allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in England and Wales. The law is set to take effect sometime next summer.

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“We're obviously disappointed that the coalition government, supported by Labour, pushed this through with unseemly haste,” spokeswoman Dr. Sharon James says in a nearly 2 minute video released Wednesday. “The bill has been passed without a democratic mandate from the people, without proper scrutiny in the [House of] Commons, and without adequate protections for civil liberty.”

“The Coalition for Marriage is not going away. We will protect people who are discriminated against because of their beliefs about marriage. We will continue to work at the grassroots level, to push for elected representatives who will support real marriage. We will inform the public. We will argue our case. We will present the facts.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)