Only 2 percent of the marriages of gay and lesbian couples in Mexico City end in divorce.

The figure was highlighted by Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera as he hosted a mass wedding for 26 gay couples over the weekend.

“The City of Mexico has today 2,513 marriages of people of the same sex. Only this year we have 373 marriages between people of the same sex. An important fact of these couplings: only 2 percent end in divorce,” Mancera said.

Mancera also announced that his administration was working to reduce red tape for gay couples getting a divorce.

Mexico City, which has a population of nearly 9 million, in 2009 became the first municipality in Mexico to legalize gay nuptials.

The city's overall divorce rate is closer to 50 percent.

The event included cake and mariachi music. Later Mancera raffled off a honeymoon vacation to Puerto de Acapulco.