In the UK this week two men went to jail for five years for an attempt to blackmail a member of the royal family. The pair, Ian Strachan of Chelsea and Sean McGuigan of Battersea, had attempted to sell back a sex tape where a male royal is seen having oral sex with a male member of the royal household. Fox News' Live Desk has revealed the name of the royal at the center of the gay sex scandal as Viscount David Linley, the Queen's nephew. Sorry chaps, it's neither Prince William nor Prince Harry as you might have hoped.

Royal gay sex scandals aside, The United Kingdom does have one up on us: Openly serving gays & lesbians in the military. Yet in America gay activists and conservative groups are sensing a change in the political climate and gearing up for a fight. For one, Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama recently told The Advocate that he favors repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”-- originally “Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Pursue.” The policy was instituted by the Clinton administration. “Don't Ask” was conceived to be a compromise of sorts allowing gays & lesbians to serve in the Armed Forces. But the policy does not allow gays to serve openly and any member who is discovered to be homosexual must be removed. Gay activists argue that 12,000 men and women have been unfairly dismissed under the policy since 1993. Conservative groups contend that the policy is necessary for morale.

Anti-gay groups come in many different stripes, offering many countering arguments against any societal acceptance of homosexuality. It is then understandable that most parents would rather have their offspring be heterosexual. But some dads do manage to find the joy in having a gay son. On the PFLAG blog dads have been sharing their stories of pride in response to a Details Magazine article which claimed that progressive fathers accepting of gays would be uncomfortable with a gay son. In the first post, PFLAG president John R. Cepek writes, “This father knows best: Having a gay son is great!” Would make any gay son proud.

Here's a picture representative of my response to these anti-gay groups.

While it's not marriage equality, Australia has inched a bit further in that direction this week. Australia will alter about 100 laws to remove discrimination against gay couples. The changes include equality on issues such as taxation, pensions, and welfare payments.

Greeks want lesbian back! Greeks from the island of Lesbos have taken a gay group to court over the term 'lesbian'. The suit asks the court to bar gay groups from using lesbian to describe gay women. Ok, kinda out of the bag now, don't you think?

It was our own Gay Entertainment Report that brought me news that XXY is finally reaching theater screens. The film is an emotional love story that asks important questions about gender and love.

A group of us has left the office early and headed to Piece on North Ave. The group includes John and Bill, who share the office across from mine, myself, and Michelle, my secretary. John and Bill are sharing a pitcher of Piece's own Worryin Ale, while Michelle is nursing a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Someone, I'm not sure who, probably Michelle, brought me a latte from Starbucks. I've not slept for days. Life has turned into a bad dream; I walk about in a malaise – my eyes painful from lack of sleep, my heart aching for some unknown resolution. At night I have the same dream: Me in a car, pinned down in the backseat, the unmanned vehicle hurling me towards certain disaster in the dark. More recently, the car has been speaking to me; it says, “All your life,” in a deep Vincent Price voice. Once I answered the car, “Take it,” but the car just gave me the same ghoulish laugh found in Michael Jackson's Thriller. And I think I might be depressed and worry that I'll need to travel to Mexico or Canada for anti-depressant drugs, or a high school playground. This morning on The Today Show, Meredith Vieira was swimming with a shark, or being eaten by a shark. John and Bill are comparing notes about their wives again. Michelle, who is not a lesbian, is intently interested in their conversation.

“Likes to cook”

“Still a hardbody”

“Wants more children”

“Makes Diana look like a snob”

“What about the sex?” Michelle asks.



“Like a warm cherry pie”

Last night I had left the milk out and this morning when I noticed this I didn't care to return it to the refrigerator. There is a half-eaten sandwich still sitting on my bed from Tuesday (or was it Sunday) and a small pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I'm not certain, but I think I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Michelle, speaking loudly over the bar noise, reminds me to call Todd Stevens. I nod in agreement.

Did I mention I've not slept for days?

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