Actress Daryl Hannah has described the coming out of her gay character in the film The Hot Flashes as “sweet.”

In the film, which opened Friday, an unlikely group of unappreciated middle-aged Texas women challenge the current arrogant high school girls' state champs to a series of basketball games to raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention. The women, all former high school champs, are led by Beth Humphrey (played by Brooke Shields). (The film's trailer is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In a conference call interview, Hannah was asked whether she had looked to a lesbian role model for inspiration.

“It was interesting to me because none of my lesbian friends are so afraid of being out [as this character is],” Hannah said. “I had to think back to when some of my friends were more closeted. Obviously, some people still have to struggle with their comfort level. It was kind of sweet how [her character's] friends were more accepting of her than she was of herself.”

Sykes, who is openly gay, added: “I was trying to get the title of 'lesbian consultant' on the film, but Camryn [Manheim] told me she knows way more lesbians than I do. It was sweet how Daryl's character was handled in the film and how the other women protected her.”

She added that the film spoke to the LGBT community because it was about “acceptance.”

“We all accepted and celebrated each other as we were,” Sykes said. “And also to say it's never too late. When I came out I was 45 or something, so it's never too late.”

The film also includes Virginia Madsen, Eric Roberts and Mark Povinelli.