According to comedian Margaret Cho, she never outed John Travolta as gay because his sexual orientation is”so obvious.”

In May, while performing her stand up act in Australia, Cho called Travolta “so gay.”

“He's not just gay. He doesn't just like men. He is like Oscar Wilde gay, like Lord Byron gay. That kind of crazy, incredibly flamboyant gay,” she told her audience.

Cho defended herself in an interview with gay blog Queerty.

“You know, I would hope that he would be able to be himself. It's not even like I'm outing him, because it's so obvious. That's like outing Liberace. All I'm doing is taking public speculation and joining it with what I know to be true,” she said.

On Travolta's marriage to actress Kelly Preston, Cho said that it “works for them.”

“I think they are legitimately a family. But this is not about that. That is about whether or not celebrities have a responsibility to come out. Especially when their private lives are under such scrutiny. That's sort of me outlining his choices, as opposed to me accusing him of anything or outing him. … Ultimately, I think he's a good guy, and I think he is suffering, and it's sad for somebody like that, who has made such a big contribution to film and to pop culture, who's made to live under this guise of heterosexuality. I'm actually on his side.”

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