LGBTs celebrate their pride in June. And now July is shaping up to be the month to celebrate heterosexuality.

The Huffington Post notes that Heterosexual Appreciation Month (HAM) is now into its second year.

Organizers say that they are responding to the “growing pressure and indoctrination from the LGBTP community.” Heterosexuality is being celebrated as the “important and life giving sexual orientation intended by nature,” they say.

Ways to celebrate include wearing black, attend a July 22 pancake breakfast in honor of International Day Against Heterophobia (IDAHE), and “Kiss your spouse good morning and good night and celebrate acting normal!”

The group's Facebook page also includes advice for its followers such as “Relax no one is going to mess with your butt, it's JULY,” “Be Popular. Be Heterosexual!” and “Your parents called, they are glad you are normal.”

“We also believe that teaching children that homosexuality is normal is inappropriate,” a member told The Huffington Post last year. “Militant (and we stress militant) homosexuals, due to political correctness, have become too powerful.”

This year, a group of Christian conservatives have declared July “Ex-Gay Pride Month.”