Peter Sprigg of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC) has criticized 'ex-gay' leader Alan Chambers for apologizing to the gay community.

Last year, Chambers began leading “ex-gay” ministry Exodus International away from supporting therapies aimed at “curing” gay men and lesbians of their sexual orientation. Chambers, who at one point starred in ads for the ministry touting “change is possible,” reversed course, saying such therapies do not work and revealing that his attractions to other men have not faded.

Last month, Chambers apologized for promoting such therapies and announced the shuttering of Exodus, which billed itself as the world's oldest and largest “ex-gay” ministry.

“I wish we had been a whole lot more honest,” Chambers said in a Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) interview. “I wish we had shared the depth and the complexity of our stories. That I follow Christ in the mist of the reality that I live in. That I have an amazing marriage, even in the reality of temptations and struggles and attractions that are still there. And I think we've tried far too often to minimize that discussion. And it's hurt people in the process.”

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“I don't think anyone in the ex-gay movement has anything to apologize for,” Sprigg said. “The overall message of the ex-gay movement has been change is possible. That a very modest statement.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)