In promoting his new movie Evolution Vs. God, intelligent design supporter Ray Comfort says that without creationism anything goes.

In the film, Comfort grills four leading Darwinian evolutionary scientists on their theories to make the claim that evolution rests on “nothing but blind faith.”

“It's absolutely true,” Comfort said during an appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). “In the first 16 minutes [of the film] you will see evolution unmasked. It is absolutely unscientific. It can't be substantiated. It rests on nothing but blind faith.”

“And that's the exact opposite of what atheists and evolutionists say. They say intelligent design people have blind faith, they reject science. No, no it's the exact opposite.”

“Christians are seeing the seriousness of the subject, because, you know, when someone believes in evolution that opens up a wonderful door to every sinful pleasure you can imagine. If there's no God and we're merely primates, then anything goes. Homosexuality goes, lesbianism goes, fornication, adultery, pornography.”

Evolution Vs. God makes its free YouTube premiere on August 7.