Singer-songwriter Steve Grand says he's “blown away” by the response to his first video for the track All-American Boy.

The video, released last week, went viral on YouTube and has gained national attention.

All-American Boy tells a well-worn story of unrequited love, except the pairing in this video are two men. Grand's character falls hard for another young man. Despite sharing a kiss in a lake, the other man says he's just looking for friendship. (Watch the video in our video library.)

In a Facebook post, Grand said that before releasing the video he was “twisted up in a big knot.”

“I was scared I wouldn't be able to pay off my credit card debt from the video shoot, and not be able to pay rent and ultimately be evicted from my apartment. I was scared my parents would be ashamed of me. I was scared I would lose my jobs,” Grand wrote.

Grand said that the positive response has “forever changed me.”

“You have inspired me. We are going to take this world by storm. I love you guys … I feel though I don't know all of you personally we are connected in a very special way somehow … in our aching and our longing. In our desire to make the world a better place by being leaders and by being brave … from all the messages I have read … I can be honest when I say I am blown away by your bravery.”

Meanwhile, a 2010 DNA Magazine photo spread of Grand under the name Steve Chatham surfaced. Grand told male gay entertainment blog The Backlot that he was not ashamed of the semi-nude layout.

“The human body is something to be celebrated,” he said.