Christian conservative Bryan Fischer admitted that the tide has turned against gay marriage foes but added that they won't give up.

Fischer, a spokesman for the American Family Association (AFA), made his comments during an appearance on The David Pakman Show.

“You talked last week about feeling like this [DOMA] decision has made anti-gay activists second-class citizens,” Pakman said. “Without addressing that specifically, do you think that the tide has turned and that this is really the end, that we're going sundown on this whole thing?”

“Well, trends can be reversed, David,” Fischer said. “Trends mean nothing when it comes to what is right and best for American culture. You know, the homosexual activists in 2004, they lost 31 straight votes on gay marriage, they didn't say, 'Hey, the tide is against us. The trend is against us. There's no point in fighting any longer, let's just give up.' Well, they didn't give up and neither are we.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)