Christian conservative Bryan Fischer insists he's not an “anti-gay activist.”

During an appearance on The David Pakman Show, Fischer reacted angrily when host David Pakman used the term to identify him.

“No, I've never used that term, David,” Fischer said. “I am not anti-gay. I am for homosexuals. I am against homosexuality.”

“But you said just the other day that the [DOMA] decision makes anti-gay activists second-class citizen and you talked about yourself in that group on your show,” Pakman stated.

“But that's the term you use. That's not the term I use.”

“That's the term you used on your show last week,” Pakman said.

“Well, that's because that's the term you use. I am not anti-gay. I am for homosexuals. I am against homosexuality, because homosexuality destroys the health and the spirit of the people that engage in it. So, I am for them because I want them to be free from the self-destructive behavior.”

“But Bryan, you were talking to another anti-gay guy and you didn't say 'so-called anti-gay activist' or 'anti-gay activist as described by the other side,' you just used the term. How can you now say that that's not something you used to describe yourself? On your own show, unprompted you described yourself that way,” Pakman said.

Fischer refused to budge, saying he had already answered the question. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)