Republican Jim Petro, Ohio's former attorney general, is expected to endorse a 2014 ballot effort which seeks to repeal Ohio's 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual unions.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Petro is expected to endorse the effort during a news conference on Monday.

FreedomOhio co-founder Ian James said that the organization is mobilizing to put the question on next year's ballot. If placed on the ballot and approved by voters, the initiative would replace the state's current definition of marriage with language allowing gay nuptials.

James' ambitious plans, however, have put him at odds with other state and national LGBT groups.

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Petro told The Dispatch that he had a change of heart on the issue after his daughter, Corbin, married her wife last year in Massachusetts. He is the second high-profile Ohio Republican to endorse marriage equality after Senator Rob Portman, though Portman has said that he does not plan to campaign in favor of the issue. Portman also credited the coming out of an offspring – in Portman's case his son Will – for changing his position on marriage equality.