The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center's senior prom brought back a lifetime of memories for one man.

In a profile for the Los Angeles Times, Robert Clement, an 88-year-old World War II veteran, relived meeting his partner of 44 years in 1959 while vacationing in London. John Darcy Noble struck up a conversation with Clement as he waited for a bus.

“He was fantastic,” Clement said. “He had that thing that I was almost jealous of. People were enchanted by him. You were the total focus of his attention, every person he met.”

After meeting Noble, Clement left the Catholic Church where he was a closeted priest, and in 1970 founded the Church of the Beloved Disciple, an independent church which welcomed gay people. Arm in arm, Clement and Noble marched in New York's first gay pride parade that year. The following year, they entered a holy union.

The prom took place the day after same-sex marriage returned to California.

Noble died in 2003 of complications from diabetes.

Clement said the prom was like “living in old times with old friends.”

“The whole place just came together,” he said.