A male gay couple in Yucatan, Mexico are on track to becoming the first in the state to legally marry.

On Monday, a Yucatan federal court ordered officials to recognize and register the marriage of Javier Carillo and Ricardo Gongora.

“We are pleased to announce that our lawyers gained the protection so that we can get married in Yucatan,” the couple messaged on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Martha Gongora, director of the Civil Registry in Yucatan, confirmed that her office had been notified of the ruling.

The couple, together 4 years, attempted to marry in March but were told by a top official that they could not due to the state's 2009 law defining marriage as a heterosexual union.

Last year, the nation's highest court struck down a similar law in the state of Oaxaca. However, unlike the United States, the court does not have the authority to simultaneously strike down laws throughout the nation.

State officials have not said whether they plan to appeal the ruling.