Bishop Harry Jackson has warned that gay marriage will “destroy children.”

Jackson, a minister at the Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland, came to prominence fighting against the District of Columbia's gay marriage law and last year's effort to pass a similar law in Maryland.

In a Christian Post op-ed, Jackson argued that legalizing marriage for gay couples will create “broken relationships” within families that will in turn “destroy children.”

“What does the internal aching so many children have for their missing fathers have to do with how marriage is legally defined? Advocates of redefining marriage constantly scoff at the notion that their policy goals could have a negative effect on anyone. 'How does the legal union of two homosexual men affect your marriage?' they ask mockingly,” Jackson wrote.

“And of course the debate has nothing to do with my marriage or yours. It has to do with how future generations of adults will approach the very idea of marriage and parenthood. We already have nearly two decades of social experimentation in Scandinavia to draw upon. And it tells us that the broader the definition of marriage is the fewer adults bother with it in the first place. Since legalizing registered partnerships and gay marriage in Scandinavia, an overwhelming number of adults have simply stopped bothering to get married in the first place.”

“As I have pointed out many times before, words that mean everything, mean nothing. The looser we make the definition of marriage, the fewer people will feel bound to its obligations and constraints. And while broken relationships can hurt adults, they can destroy children.”

However, the claim that legalizing gay nuptials in Scandinavia led to matrimonial flight by heterosexuals has been thoroughly debunked.