The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has suggested that opposition to gay marriage is patriotic.

The group wrote in a blog post celebrating the nation's birthday that gay nuptials threaten the nation's founding principles.

“We're a nation where citizen rights come from God, not from government, and where the people are sovereign, not politicians or judges,” the group wrote.

“But those principles are under siege, by the culture, by our federal government and, increasingly, by the U.S. Supreme Court. We need your help to fight [to] preserve America's founding principles such as religious liberty, which is greatly at risk wherever marriage is redefined.”

“Our opponents blithely claim that religious liberty and same-sex 'marriage' can peacefully coexist, but experience shows that is not the case. Anybody who doesn't abandon their faith principles and fully cooperate with the new gay marriage regime is likely to face consequences. Unless we fight back, it will only get worse.”

The post includes an image of an American flag and a rainbow flag under the caption, “Which Banner Will You Choose?”