Sherri Saum, who plays one half of the lesbian couple on ABC Family's The Fosters, says singer Adam Lambert is a “doll.”

In the show, Saum (Rescue Me) and Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) play a married lesbian couple who are coping with raising three children when a wayward teenage girl is added to the family.

The show, which premiered last month, has generated a lot of interest and some controversy. Christian conservative group One Million Moms attacked the show for tying to “desensitize America and our children by promoting inappropriate behavior.”

In an interview with Chicago gay weekly Windy Media Group, Saum called the show “groundbreaking” and discussed meeting Adam Lambert.

“It is definitely going to be groundbreaking in the landscape of television as we know it right now,” Saum said. “Yes we see gay characters on TV but it is usually not in a realistic way. We are not perpetuating stereotypes or playing it for laughs. It is showing a depiction of a slice of life of a family that just happens to be headed by two moms. We are not trying to push messages in people's faces per se but we are saying, 'Hey, this is a family and check it out!'”

She added that she met Lambert at the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco.

“He's a doll and the nicest guy! He's so sweet and open. My mom, of course, had to ask for an autograph and I wanted to crawl under my seat and die,” she said.