Oakland Raiders punter Chris Kluwe believes the Supreme Court failed to lead in ruling against Proposition 8, California's now ended gay marriage ban.

The 31-year-old Kluwe is among the NFL's most outspoken supporters of gay rights. Last year, when he was with the Minnesota Vikings, Kluwe campaigned against passage of an unsuccessful amendment to the Minnesota Constitution which sought to define marriage as a heterosexual union. This year, he spoke out in support of Minnesota's gay marriage law, which takes effect on August 1.

In Hollingsworth v. Perry, decided on Wednesday, the high court declared Proposition 8 invalid by declaring that its supporters did not have legal standing. This effectively knocked down the amendment, since California officials refused to defend it and a lower court had found it unconstitutional, but left similar measures in other states untouched.

Prop 8 was officially declared invalid on Friday.

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During an appearance on Larry King Now, Kluwe told host Larry King that he wasn't a “huge fan” of the decision.

“They could have made a statement, you know, and they have precedent, they have Loving v. Virginia that says marriage is a human right. And they could have extended that out to say, 'same-sex marriage that is a human right and you can't discriminate against that,'” Kluwe said. (The video is embedded on this page. http://www.ontopmag.com/video.aspx)