Starbucks, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Gap were among the companies cheering a Supreme Court ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

“We strongly support the Court's affirmation today of marriage equality,” Goldman tweeted on Wednesday.

Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein added in a tweet: “Today's decisions help define who we are as a people, whether or not we are part of the group directly affected.”

The company also showed its support with a rainbow flag outside of its Wall Street headquarters.

Citigroup noted in a statement that it promotes a work environment where “diversity is embraced” and “differences are valued and respected.”

A Starbucks company spokesman told CNN that the company was pleased with the court's decision.

“Equality and inclusion are core values of our company,” Starbucks spokesman Danny Cowan said. “We always put our people first and will continue to advocate for equality and inclusion.”

Other companies expressing support included credit rating firm Moody's, retailer Gap, travel site Orbitz, and clothier Kenneth Cole.

“Thrilled about today's #SCOTUS ruling in favor of marriage equality, an issue we've been supporting since 1995,” Kenneth Cole said on its Facebook page.

More than 70 companies, including Starbucks and Goldman Sachs, joined in filing an amicus brief with the Supreme court in opposition to DOMA.