Television personality Lady Bunny believes the gay community “frowns” on drag queens.

The 50-year-old Lady Bunny, founder of the annual Wigstock and a judge on cabler Logo's RuPaul's Drag U, appeared on HuffPost Live alongside Ivy Winters and Manila Luzon.

Lady Bunny said that drag queens have to come out twice.

“It's interesting because you realize, 'Ok, I'm different from all these other kids at school.' Then you realize, 'I'm gay.' Then, you kind of have to come out again as a drag queen, because drag queens are sometimes frowned on in the gay community.”

“Like, they'll put us on a pedestal and want us to entertain them but they don't always want to be our boyfriend, they don't always want to … you know, certain elements of the gay community do look down on drag queens.”

She said that “conservative elements” of the community complain that the Gay Pride Parade does not represent them.

“But that wasn't who started Stonewall. It was people like us who are out in the streets doing drag and we had had enough.”

“And I'm straight acting,” Luzon interjected. “Acting like a straight woman, okay.”

“Your legs go straight up,” Lady Bunny joked. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)