Mercy Nutraceuticals, Inc. on Tuesday announced the debut of a special-edition Gay Pride can for its Mercy drink.

Mercy is a caffeine-free, non-alcoholic beverage that helps prevent hangovers. The citrus-flavored drink helps fortify the body against damage caused by alcohol, according to its manufacturer.

“I am excited to launch the Mercy rainbow can, which celebrates and supports Pride,” said Mercy CEO David Racicot.

The rainbow edition of Mercy will be available at Pride celebrations in connection with GLAAD's 2013 Summer Pride, which include parades and festivals in New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Dallas.

“Although we are a relatively new company, we are a socially conscious organization and value GLAAD's mission of using positive communications and conversations for cultural change and LGBT equality.”

“Mercy has shown a great deal of commitment to the LGBT community and GLAAD is excited to partner with Mercy to celebrate Pride 2013,” said GLAAD corporate relations manager Marquez Andrews.

Mercy, which is packed with vitamins and amino acids, launched in 2011 after 8 years in development. It retails for $14 for a four-pack and is sold in New York, New Jersey and Florida. The company is also expanding to the San Francisco Bay area, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire. It's also available online at